Foaming Regulator ADX-320

Short Description:

ADX-320 foaming regulator is a kind of acrylate processing aid, which is used for PVC foaming products. It is especially suitable for foamed sheet.

Product Detail

Product Tags


● Rigid PVC foamboards
● Rigid PVC foam pipes
● Rigid PVC profiles


ADX-320 foaming regulator is a free flowing powder.

Property Index Unit
Appearance White Powder
Bulk Density 0.4-0.6 g/cm3
Intrinsic Viscosity 13.5±0.3
Volatile Matter 1.0 %
30 Mesh Screening 99 %

*The index just represents typical results which are not considered as a specification.

Key Attributes

● Effectively and rapidly promote the plasticization of PVC composite material
● Improve melt fluidity to obtain PVC products with good surface
● Higher intrinsic viscosity can improve the melt strength and give products with more uniform bubble structure and lower density.



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