Processing Aid

  • Lubricating Processing Aid ADX-201A

    Lubricating Processing Aid ADX-201A

    ADX-201A is a kind of core-shell composite material made by emulsion polymerization, which is compatible with PVC and CPVC. In addition, some functional monomers are added to make the product have the advantages of low viscosity, no plate-out, good demoulding property, stable chemical properties, heat resistance and excellent processing performance.  It can be used in the field of PVC and CPVC.

  • Acrylate Solid Plasticizer ADX-1001

    Acrylate Solid Plasticizer ADX-1001

    ADX-1001 is a kind of high molecular polymer made by emulsion polymerization, which has good compatibility with PVC. It can significantly reduce the bond force of PVC molecules at processing temperatures, make PVC segments easier to move when they are deformed, and significantly promote plasticization and enhance fluidity. It can play a good plasticizing effect in the processing of non plasticized PVC. The material has high melting temperature and good compatibility with the matrix material PVC, which will not reduce the mechanical properties of the products. PVC with larger molecular weight can be used to replace PVC with smaller molecular weight to make complex products requiring higher fluidity and rapid plasticization, so as to obtain better mechanical properties and cost advantages. In addition, the product can significantly reduce the processing difficulty of CPVC and provide better plasticization and fluidity of CPVC.

  • Processing Aid ADX-310

    Processing Aid ADX-310

    ADX-310 is a kind of core-shell acrylate polymer made by emulsion polymerization, which can greatly improve the processability of PVC and the appearance of the product in PVC forming process. It makes the product surface smooth and bright, while the inherent chemical and physical properties of PVC are not affected.

  • Foaming Regulator  ADX-320

    Foaming Regulator ADX-320

    ADX-320 foaming regulator is a kind of acrylate processing aid, which is used for PVC foaming products. It is especially suitable for foamed sheet.

  • Foaming Regulator ADX-331

    Foaming Regulator ADX-331

    ADX-331 foaming regulator is a kind of acrylate processing aid, which is used for PVC foaming products. Products have excellent comprehensive performance, high melt strength, especially suitable for thick wall products.