ASA Powder ADX-856

Short Description:

ADX-856 is a kind of acrylate-styrene-acrylonitrile terpolymer made by emulsion polymerization. It has excellent weather resistance, UV resistance and impact resistance because it does not contain ABS like double bond.

Product Detail

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Product Features

1. The product has fast plasticization, good fluidity and good processing performance.
2. With AS resin AS the base material, the product has high (tensile/bending) modulus and (tensile/bending) strength, and excellent impact resistance.
3. High gloss and good weather resistance.
4. The product is suitable for various AS resins. It can be used in AS calendering film, AS extrusion, injection molding and other fields.

Physical Property

Property Index Unit
20 Mesh Screening 99 %
Proportion 0.3-0.5 g/cm3
Volatile Matter 1.5 %

*The index just represents typical results which are not considered as a specification.

Examples of Formula Use

Name (Ningbo Taihua 2200) AS resin (Qimei 138H) AS resin ADX-856
Dosage/g 20 50 30

Mechanical Performance

Item Test Methods Experimental Conditions Unit Technical Specification


Technical Specification

(Contrast Sample)

Impact Strength GB/T 1043 23℃ KJ/m2 16.7 11.5
Tensile Strength GB/T 1040 10mm/min MPa 32.70 38.38
Tensile Break Extension Percentage GB/T 1040 10mm/min % 66.59 15.01
Bending Strength GB/T 9341 1.0mm/min MPa 68.28 66.04
Bending Elastic Modules GB/T 9341 1.0mm/min MPa 2283.30 2043.60

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